Bicycling and Walking = SmartMobility.

With great demands placed on America’s transportation system, an obesity epidemic, energy costs and environmental considerations, the U.S. Congress decided to authorize the Bike/Walk Pilot as part of our nation’s surface transportation program (SAFETEA-LU, Section 1807 “Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program”).  The Pilot is designed to demonstrate that bicycling and walking can represent a major part of an affordable, sustainable transportation solution.  Four communities across the U.S. have been selected to receive $25 million dollars each for program purposes.  With this money, the communities have been working to create a network of nonmotorized transportation infrastructure facilities that connect directly with transit stations, schools, residences, businesses, recreation areas, and other community activity centers.

The Bike/Walk Pilot communities are:  Columbia, Missouri; Marin County, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.  To read about these four communities and to see how bicycling and walking is becoming a more feasible transportation option for these areas, please click on the links on the left side of this page.